Quality of Design

We at The Lifting Pool Floor Company are the only swimming pool construction company with many years of experience that can offer both the design and building expertise for such a project.

Swimming Pool floor being lowered

Within a few minutes your pool room can be transformed from a swimming pool to a useful extra room.

Once the floor has been raised it becomes a rigid cover and is capable of supporting considerable weight.
This unique feature offers greater flexibility and is easily maintained via Clearwater Swimming Pools Maintenance Service

All our lifting floors operate using Water Hydraulics systems. This means no oil is used anywhere in the system, so no chance of leaks contaminating your pool.

Water Hydraulics, as the name states, only uses the pool water to operate.

All our floors can be operated using touch screen technology so you can see exactly at what depth/ level your floor is at, links can be added to make operation possible fom a smart phone or tablet. Also the floor can be monitored via the Internet by our maintence team anywhere in the country.
Pool floor control panel

The Lifting Pool Floor Company designs are specified and tested to a working load of 150kg/m² in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 13451-11:2004.

High quality construction

Our designs do not rely on internal buoyancy to achieve their design load, and are therefore equally safe when the pool is drained.

High Safety Standards

Capable of withstanding a load in excess of 150kg/m², we believe our designs offer a degree of structural integrity matched by few of our competitors.

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